Check out freshly cut beef.

Beef Prime Rib Steak
BeefPrimeRibSteak1stpage1The rib-eye steak cut from roast that sits at the top of rib primal. Excellent marbeling the ribeye is loaded with flavor and extremely tender after cooking.




Beef T-Bone
BeefTBone1stPage1The T-bone steak is cut from the top loin and tender loin section, separated by a T shape bone. T-Bone is good for grilling because generous amount of fat that keeps it moist and flavorful. Our most popular steak for the grill.



Beef Porterhouse Steak
Beefsteak1Porterhouse is known as the King of Steaks because it is a combination of tenderloin and New York Strip.




Beef Breakfast Steak

beefbreakfaststeak1A tender chuck eye steak, great for any steak recipe.





Beef Cube Steak
BeefCubeSteak1Ground top sirloin tenderzied through a cubing machine.





Beef Chuckroast

beefchuckroastAs the name says chuck roast is cut from chuck portion, and is great for slow cooking.




Sirloin Steak
BeefSirloin1Sirloin steak is cut from rear back portion, continuing off the short loin.





Beef Oxtail
BeefOxtail1Oxtail is rich and flavorful and excellent for stews and soup.





Beef New York Strip
BeefNewYorkStrip1New York strip is cut from shortloin and is great for the grill.






Beef Ground Chuck
BeefGroundChuck1Extra lean ground beef.







Fresh Sausage
bratWe have over 10 different types of fresh all beef sausage including italians, philly cheese steak brat, and all beef brat. They are made in a sheep casing right here at our store.