Jumbo Shrimp
JumboShrimp1stPageTexas Bay jumbo 16 – 20 count jumbo shrimp





Whole fish
WholeCatfish1stPageMississippi farm raised whole cat fish cut into steaks fillets for no extra charge.






Codloins1Alaskan codloins





Whiting Fish
Whitingfish1Clear water whiting fillets





Tilapia1Farm raised tilapia fillets





Snow Crab Clusters
Snowcrabclusters1Alaskan snow crab clusters





Texas bay cultivated prawns





Ocean Perch
Oceanperch1Farm raised ocean perch fillets





Lobster Tails
Lobstertails1Premium cold water lobster tails. Four different sizes to choose from.





Lobster Claws
lobster claws
Cold water meaty lobster claws.





Jumbo Scallops
Jumboscallops1New1Jumbo cleaned ready to cook scallops.





Frog Legs
Froglegs1Farm raised frog legs





Fish Smelt
Fishsmelt1Clear water smelt





Fish Blue gill
Fishbluegill1Farm raised blue gill fillets





Crab Claws
Crabclaws1Alaskan crab claws





Catfish Fillet
Catfishfillet1Farm raised catfish fillet





Crab Legs
Crablegs1Alaskan king crab legs